There is no better time than now to invest in your data.


There is no better time than now to invest in your data.

NH PLM DroneDeploy 

Be your own agronomist

  • Crop scouting; Detect crop stress, monitor tests
  • Soil mapping; Map bare soil & evaluate with historic maps
  • Stand count; Evaluate whether to replant in any area
  • Yield projections; Use map to estimate harvest
  • Drainage repair; Evaluate elevation maps
  • Irrigation Optimization; Using NDVI, elevation models
  • Application Decisions; Map to inform variable rate applications for nitrogen, pesticides, etc.


Be your own research farm

  • Identify non-profitable acres by eliminating variables
  • Create test strips in your field to evaluate the efficacy of various inputs, application styles or changes in equipment

You’re in charge of your data and we’re here to help you understand what it can do for you!

  • In this fast-changing world, data ownership may come to mean much more than we now know.
  • With Mazergroup and New Holland PLM, you're always in control of your data.



Know How You Grow Solutions - Set yourself up for the future by organizing your data now.

Data Consolidation

  • Organize existing data into an easy to read format.
  • Additional data will be stored in the right place, the first time.

Boundaries & Acre Counting

  • Carbon tax credits
  • Helpful when filing crop insurance claims
  • Allows you to share your data with agronomists who may only use legal land descriptions
  • Know exactly what size your fields are for better planning.
  • Understand where you may not be utilizing your land to its full potential.

Guidance Lines

  • Great for multiple pieces of equipment in the same field, especially combines
  • Minimize compaction by reducing your machine footprint.
  • Ensure year over year repeatability.

Yield Reporting

  • Compare varieties, seeding rates, fertilizer rates and yield results.
  • Normalize several years of yield data to identify problem areas.
  • Observe how inputs affect your yield.

Profit Mapping

  • Make informed decisions on your farm.

Utilize all aspects of the process to discover what areas are profitable and what areas are costing you money.


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